Real-Time Virtual Support (RTVS)

RTVS Pathways

RUDi – emergency support

CHARLiE – pediatric support

HEiDi – physician support for 8-1-1

Other clinical pathways (

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Real-Time Virtual Support (RTVS) offers clinical support to care providers, provides appropriate patient triaging, and enhances patient care. There are many specialized RTVS services (called pathways), with more being developed. These pathways support care providers and allow patients to safely avoid the emergency department – saving time, money, and the potential risk of COVID-19 exposure.

The BC Emergency Medicine Network vision is Exceptional Emergency Care. Everywhere. This vision includes on-demand, virtual engagement of colleagues and patients in their time of need. In 2020, we realized the vision of exceptional emergency care, everywhere – instantly, with the launch of multiple RTVS pathways.

The EM Network has a lead role in developing many RTVS pathways and leads the formal evaluation of all BC pathways. Find out how the EM Network contributes, and view RTVS stats on the Our Role page.

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The BC Emergency Medicine Network co-develops the RTVS pathways below.

RUDi – Rural Urgent Doctors in-aid
Physicians with emergency care experience in rural/remote communities who support rural healthcare providers. Don’t know who to call? Start with RUDi.

CHARLiE – Child Health Advice in Real-Time Electronically
Pediatricians supporting rural healthcare providers.

HEiDi – HealthLink BC Emergency iDoctor-in-assistance
Physicians supporting HealthLink BC 8-1-1 with optional patient support and health system navigation.

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RTVS provides instant access to expert care anywhere in the province. Care providers receive peer support for delivering patient care. Patients can be directed to primary care, safely avoiding the emergency department – saving time, money, and the potential risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Imagine one emergency department in BC with 108 virtual rooms. RTVS is the entry point to this virtual emergency department. It provides instant peer support and patient care anywhere in the province. Care providers in need can call their virtual colleagues “down the hall” to get a second opinion on any case using various clinical support pathways. Patients can receive support and appropriate triaging through the HEiDi pathway.


Real-Time Virtual Support is delivered by video or by phone, anywhere in BC.

Care providers connect instantly to friendly peer support. Patients are supported and triaged to appropriate health services.

Get started with RTVS pathways with just a zoom account or a phone line. Follow the instructions at

So What

RTVS improves patient care and reduces ED wait times and unnecessary patient travel by appropriately triaging patients. It improves rural provider retention by increasing their quality of life and reducing feelings of isolation.

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Real-Time Virtual Support significantly decreases the stress and anxiety and the frustration in getting help. That changes your whole way of practicing, your quality of life as a person, and just being able to share the responsibility as well.

- Rural Physician

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