Our Role


The BC Emergency Medicine Network is co-leading the development of RTVS in BC. The EM Network has a lead role in developing three RTVS pathways: RUDiHEiDi, and CHARLiE

The EM Network co-leads the growth of all RTVS pathways in BC, coordinates virtual physicians through recruiting, engaging, and training, and leads the formal evaluation of all RTVS pathways.

The broad RTVS program is made possible through collaboration between the Rural Coordination Center of BC, The BC Emergency Medicine Network, the First Nations Health Authority and HealthlinkBC.

For updates on all RTVS pathways, visit the Rural Coordination Centre of BC website.


The BC Emergency Medicine Network is formally evaluating all Real-Time Virtual Support Services in BC. This evaluation assesses physician relationships, adoption of pathways, and normalization of virtual care.

The evaluation is based on the Institute of Health Improvement’s Triple Aim Framework addressing user experience, health outcomes, and cost. We built on this framework and created unique data collection tools. We will continue to develop and improve data collection and analysis across RTVS pathways.

To learn more, view an overview of the BC Real-Time Support Pathways and their evaluation in the Real-Time Virtual Support (RTVS): 90-Day Report. View our RTVS research publications.


For more information, contact the Real-Time Virtual Support Team.

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