Rural Urgent Doctors in-aid (RUDi)

The RUDi pathway provides peer-to-peer support for care providers facing emergency cases across BC. RUDi is staffed by EM Network members with emergency medicine and rural experience. Don’t know who to call? Start with RUDi. The pathway is available 24/7 by video and phone. RUDi physicians offer:

• Collaborative support in critical times
• Help to direct your call to the best real-time support pathway
• Help to navigate the healthcare system
• A second opinion on cases
• Mentorship, education, and community

RUDi is available through Zoom at, by phone at 236-305-9302.

Learn more about RUDi at

The EM Network co-leads the clinical, technical, and administrative aspects of the RUDi pathway in collaboration with the Rural Coordination Centre of BC. Find out more about our role in BC RTVS.


This is a great service that I would highly recommend for physicians working in rural settings. You don’t have to make decisions alone at 03:00 in the morning, when it is just you and your nurse taking care of a critically sick individual. Kudos!

– Family Physician, Interior Health

Who to Call: ROSe or RUDi?

Facing a critical head trauma in an isolated BC community, physician Caroline Walker relied on both ROSe and RUDi real-time virtual support pathways to help her patient. She shares how both services worked in concert to provide critical, just-in-time support. ROSe and RUDi physicians explain key differences between the two services and what they share in common.


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