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COVID-19 Leaves Bystanders Too Fearful to Perform CPR

Modification to Public Hands-Only CPR during the COVID-19 pandemic


October 13, 2020 • 05:14pm

Calling of the Heart | Overdose Crisis in the Fraser Valley

A short film about the worsening overdose crisis in The BC Fraser Valley.

Marc Greidanus

October 09, 2020 • 05:24pm

The Boundaries of the Virtual Rural Emergency Department

Framing virtual support pathways in the context of rural BC emergency care.

Gregory Costello

September 30, 2020 • 09:00am

The Future of EM: ROSe and RUDi – Who to Call?

Differences between the real-time virtual support pathways, and how they work in concert to provide physician support.

Brydon Blacklaws

September 02, 2020 • 08:16am

My Experience of Racism in Medical Education

Our society’s reckoning with racism cannot stop at hospital gates - racism is prevalent throughout medical education and we must acknowledge it.

Qadeem Salehmohamed

August 11, 2020 • 03:26pm

The Future of EM: The Virtual Era

What is your vision for the future of emergency medicine in BC?

Kendall Ho

August 04, 2020 • 08:51pm

COVID-19 Stories | What to Expect When Visiting the ER During COVID-19

A patient's experience visiting a BC emergency department during the pandemic.

Nancy Wood

July 07, 2020 • 03:38pm

Physician Expertise, Leadership and Community in COVID

Trying not to drown in the flood of pandemic information and expectations.

Gregory Costello

July 03, 2020 • 02:53pm

5 Way to Improve Your ED Visit If You Live With Chronic Illness

It can be frightening to have to visit the emergency department (ED) at any time, but people...

Pamela Jessen

June 26, 2020 • 05:34pm

What Does PFCC Really Mean?

Kim Eggers

June 26, 2020 • 05:23pm

COVID-19 Stories: ED Team Work Strategies During the Pandemic

Listen, be flexible, realize inadequacies, and respect each other's expertise.

Eliza Chan

June 22, 2020 • 06:31pm

COVID-19 Stories: I Can’t Fix Everything | Tandi Wilkinson

"What went right in your day?" A powerful lesson in coping with the stress of the pandemic.

Tandi Wilkinson

June 10, 2020 • 08:55am

COVID-19 Stories: We Thank You Bonnie | Bruce Campana

A hilarious tribute to our beloved Bonnie Henry

Bruce Campana

May 27, 2020 • 02:35pm

COVID-19 Stories: Get Started With Real-Time Virtual Support for Emergency Care | Stefan Du Toit

3 things you need to get started using real-time virtual support.

Stefan Du Toit

May 27, 2020 • 02:19pm

Am I Overcalling this? 

Reaching out for help to a tertiary centre from a remote hospital.

Gregory Costello

May 25, 2020 • 11:16am

COVID-19 Stories: HEiDi Real-Time Virtual Support Service in BC

Find out how HEiDi relates to the 811 line, and how it's safely diverting COVID-19 related visits to the ED.

Kendall Ho

May 22, 2020 • 11:51am

Late complications of STEMI

Owing to the decrease in STEMI presentations during this time, there is anecdotal evidence of late presentations, many of...

Frank Scheuermeyer

May 19, 2020 • 02:49pm

COVID-19 Stories: My Experience Contracting COVID-19

Consequences and Silver Linings of Contracting COVID-19 on the Front Lines.

Joe Finkler

May 13, 2020 • 09:00am

COVID-19 Pandemic: Share Your Experiences

Top 10 ways the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted emergency medicine in BC.

Jim Christenson

May 12, 2020 • 04:27pm

Real-Time Virtual Support is Here

The first steps towards a province-wide virtual Emergency Department

Gregory Costello

May 12, 2020 • 12:02pm

COVID-19 research study – please participate

Clinicians quality of life and moral injury during the COVID-19 pandemic study

David Barbic

May 11, 2020 • 02:40pm

Mini-update: STEMI during Covid-19

Primary PCI remains the standard of care for STEMI

Frank Scheuermeyer

April 27, 2020 • 10:54am

A Rough Few Months

Facing the pandemic as part of a pan-provincial team

Gregory Costello

April 15, 2020 • 10:45am

CPoCUS Ultrasound protection and disinfection protocols

All new CPoCUS Ultrasound Disinfection Protocols are now available! Detailed guidelines for protecting and disinfecting cart-based...

Chuck Wurster

March 30, 2020 • 10:44am

COVID Test Panel

Looking to create a standard COVID test panel

Jeff Hussey

March 21, 2020 • 05:22pm

CORONA WARS, An Emergency Simulation of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Getting Ahead of the Curve

Adam Lund

March 20, 2020 • 08:58pm

How-to-guide for an In Situ Sim Session for COVID-19

JoAnne Slinn, RN and Simulation Educator, and I recently put together a how-to-guide for running an in situ sim session for...

Jared Baylis

March 13, 2020 • 06:12pm

How to Listen to a Podcast

Easily access podcasts on your computer or mobile device.


March 04, 2020 • 10:50am

On Call & 100 Kilometers Away

The anxiety of needing to care for a patient in a remote coastal site.

Gregory Costello

March 04, 2020 • 10:30am

How To Improve Your ED Visit If You Live With Chronic Illness

Patients with chronic pain have unique fears to deal with when visiting the ED.

Pamela Jessen

March 03, 2020 • 10:42am

Rural BC Transport Study

A Rural BC Transport Study will to determine the timeliness of transport from Fort St. James, Vanderhoof, and Mackenzie to definitive care for specific clinical conditions.

Riyad Abu-Laban

February 17, 2020 • 09:48pm

The Ugly Truth About CaRMS

In emergency medicine, CaRMS is the furthest thing from transparent, and it reeks of unfairness.

Qadeem Salehmohamed

February 14, 2020 • 10:51am

Fasting for Emergency Department Procedural Sedation

Fasting intervals for general anesthesia continue to be authoritatively recommended and widely practiced.

Gary Andolfatto

January 13, 2020 • 01:15pm

A Puzzling Trend: Denying Ambulance Transport Post-Overdose

A troubling increase in the number of people declining transport to hospital after opioid overdoses.

Jessica Moe

January 10, 2020 • 01:00am