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  • COVID-19 Stories: We Thank You Bonnie | Bruce Campana

    A hilarious tribute to our beloved Bonnie Henry

    Bruce Campana

    May 27, 2020

  • COVID-19 Stories: Get Started With Real-Time Virtual Support for Emergency Care | Stefan Du Toit

    3 things you need to get started using real-time virtual support for emergency care.

    Stefan Du Toit

    May 27, 2020

  • COVID-19 Stories: My Experience Contracting COVID-19

    Consequences and Silver Linings of Contracting COVID-19 on the Front Lines.

    Joe Finkler

    May 13, 2020

  • COVID-19 Stories: HEiDi Real-Time Virtual Support Service in BC

    Find out how HEiDi relates to the 811 line, and how it's safely diverting COVID-19 related visits to the ED.

    Kendall Ho

    May 22, 2020

  • Am I Overcalling this? 

    Reaching out for help to a tertiary centre from a remote hospital.

    Gregory Costello

    May 25, 2020

  • Late complications of STEMI

    Owing to the decrease in STEMI presentations during this time, there is anecdotal evidence of late presentations, many of...

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