Real-Time Virtual Support (RTVS) provides emergency practitioners with physician peer support for delivering patient care. There are many, specialized RTVS services (called pathways), and more are being developed. These pathways support EM practitioners and allow patients to safely avoid the emergency department – saving time, money, and the potential risk of COVID-19 exposure.

The EM Network has a lead role in developing RTVS pathways and leads the formal evaluation of all pathways. Find out how the EM Network is contributing, and view RTVS stats and data on the Our Role page.

Find out the What?, Why?, How?, and So What? of RTVS below.


The BC Emergency Medicine Network co-developed the RTVS Pathways below.

RUDi – Rural Urgent Doctors in-aid.
Emergency medicine experts with rural experience supporting rural healthcare providers. Don’t know who to call? Start with RUDi.

CHARLiE – Child Health Advice in Real-Time Electronically.
Pediatricians supporting rural healthcare providers.

HEiDi – HealthLink BC Emergency iDoctor-in-assistance.
Virtual physician support for the HealthLink BC 8-1-1 nurses’ line. HEiDi physicians assist 8-1-1 nurses with urgent health inquiries.

Access all clinical support pathways.


RTVS provides instant access to expert care, anywhere in the province.

Physicians receive peer support for delivering patient care. Patients are directed to primary care, safely avoiding the emergency department, saving time, money, and the potential risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Image one emergency department in BC with 108 virtual rooms. Call out to your virtual colleague “down the hall” to get a second opinion on any case.


Real-Time Virtual Support care is delivered through mobile apps, like Zoom, or by phone, across BC.

Connect instantly to peers supporting one another with the best clinical care at the click of a button.

So What

RTVS improves healthcare access and equity of care for BC patients. It allows rural providers to access instant support from colleagues who understand the rural care context. This support positively impacts health practitioners’ quality of life, sense of teamwork, and reduces feelings of isolation. RTVS improves rural provider recruitment and retention and supports vulnerable providers and BC communities.

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