Our members work in hospitals all around

British Columbia. Every pin on this map

represents a Network member.


As a member of the BC Emergency Medicine Network, you will have the ability to:

  • curate, create, and comment on the resources
  • participate in online discussions
  • provide feedback and help to drive the focus of the Network
  • and connect with other members through the Member Smart Directory


As physicians working in emergency medicine, your engagement is essential to defining clinical and health system problems; proposing, implementing, and refining solutions; evaluating the effectiveness of new guidelines and policies; and integrating academic and clinical emergency medicine.

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The Committee provides frequent input into the development and implementation of the BC Emergency Medicine Network and also supports dissemination of information and engagement of their representative communities.

Dr. Drew Digney

Vancouver Island Health

Mr. Ed Martin

Dr. Garth Meckler

Provincial Health Services

Dr. Jeff Hussey

Interior Health

Ms. Kathy Steegstra

Provincial Health Services

Ms. Kim Eggers

Northern Health

Dr. Neil Barclay

Fraser Health

Dr. Patrick Rowe

Northern Health

Dr. Ray Markham

Engagement is the difference between showing up – and sticking around. Between looking and buying. Trying and doing. Listening and learning. Chasing and leading . . . Engagement is what happens when an activity attracts and holds a person’s attention. It’s the state of being pleasurably immersed in doing something – and wanting to keep doing it. Of being disappointed when the experience is over.




The BC Emergency Medicine Network places a huge premium on engaging patients, getting their advice and perspective so that we can better plan and implement programs. To do so, we have dedicated patients who sit on the Advisory Committee and collaborate on the planning and operations of the Network.

We are also leading in empowering patients and the public in such a large enterprise and we look forward to seeing how their insights can mould the Network to make it relevant to them.


Partners are interested parties from a range of different backgrounds who support improving health outcomes in emergency medicine care. While they have no governance over the BC Emergency Medicine Network, they acknowledge, support, and share the Network’s goals.


Sponsors are a special group of partners who are also providing funding or in-kind support for the development and implementation of the Network. The Network will be reporting regularly to each of these agencies to ensure that we are fiscally responsible and achieving our specific deliverables.


We are currently forming the Members Council so that members can be part of this more engaged team of emergency practitioners from urban, rural, and remote areas across BC. This group will provide regular input and advice to the Advisory Committee and will champion physician engagement in their local communities.

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