Rural Online EM Journal Club Returns in September

On behalf of EM Network member Jeff Plant, we invite you to join another exciting season of the Rural Emergency Medicine Journal Club is about to begin!

Register online

This online journal club is a great way for rural physicians with an interest in Emergency Medicine to form a community of practice across a dispersed geographical area. The online nature of this club allows you to join at any time, from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection, as it suits your schedule. It is only open to those who have registered and, great news: a log-in and password are not required!

The upcoming series will feature 5 sessions in total, each lasting three weeks and with a dedicated topic and moderator. During each session, you will discuss a case or academic article on a topic pertinent to rural emergency medicine.

Registration is now open! The first session begins on September 25, 2017. It is certified for up to 10.0 Mainpro+ / MOC Section 1 credits.

Updates and improvements to this year’s club include:

  • Shorter & more condensed sessions; runs September to December 2017
  • Moderated discussions of challenging cases
  • Review of latest academic evidence and articles
  • Removal of the requirement to comment (though it is still highly encouraged – it would not be a very exciting series otherwise!)
  • Proof of participation for CFPC will now be in the form of a short quiz at the end of each session)

Register online or contact for more information.