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We gratefully acknowledge the following members work in collating this list of resources.

Dr David Agulnik

Providence Health

Patient Partner Reviewers

Thank you to our Patient Partners who have contributed to the review of the Patient Information Sheets.

The information sheets are currently undergoing revisions to incorporate Patient Partner feedback.

Want to get Involved?

The BC Emergency Medicine Network relies on your expertise to keep the clinical resources relevant, accessible, and easy-to-use. The more members participate, the more successful the Network. Here are some ways to contribute…

  • Rate, comment on and share the resources you view
  • Submit clinical questions you would like answered
  • Send us tools or resources to share with other members
  • Author a Point-of-care Emergency Clinical Summary
  • Be a local champion for the Network

Clinical Resources Committee Members

The purpose of the Committee is to guide the strategic direction of the Clinical Resources program, facilitate growth of the suite of clinical resources and contributors, ensure the content is appropriate, relevant and up to date and help engage and empower emergency practitioners across BC to provide the best care for their patients.

Dr. Danette Dawkin

Northern Health

Dr. David Agulnik

Providence Health

Dr. James Heilman

Interior Health

Dr. Jim Christenson

Providence Health

Dr. John Soles

Interior Health

Dr. Julian Marsden

Providence Health

Ms. Pamela Jessen

Dr. Todd Raine

Providence Health

Dr. Shane Barclay

Interior Health

Dr. Hanna Parmar

Vancouver Coastal Health

Dr. Natasha Desjardins

Northern Health

Dr. Kyle McIver

Northern Health

Connect with Clinical Resources program lead Dr. Julian Marsden

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