Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attacks

Clinical Care, Emergency Systems, Prevention

Innovation Leader


We seek to improve care for stroke and transient ischemic attack (TIA) patients in emergency departments (ED) and across the continuum of care, through research, education, exchange of knowledge, and advocacy.

Current Activites

  • Ongoing enrolment in FRONTIER Clinical Trial (pre-hospital neuroprotectant in stroke clinical trial with BCEHS as partners)
  • Implementation of clinical decision support tool (CDSS) for TIA management in Victoria; expansion to Kelowna (SpecTRA Trial)

Short Term Goals

  • Maintain an ongoing partnership with Stroke Services BC, PHSA, and the Clinical Care Management Stroke/TIA Initiative, and BC Patient Safety and Quality Council to:
    • Provide leadership in provincial knowledge generation, knowledge translation, and evaluation
  • Participate in stroke and TIA clinical trials in pre-hospital and acute care settings
  • Ensure ongoing emergency medicine stroke leadership at a national level, within CAEP and the stroke community
  • Ensure that stroke and TIA care remains a key strategic focus within the UBC Department of Emergency Medicine and the academic community in BC
  • Ensure financial sustainability of Stroke/TIA leadership in BC

Long Term Goals

  • Establish the province of BC as a leader in research and effective knowledge translation of best practices in emergency department management of stroke and TIA




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