Patient Safety and System Resilience in Emergency Care

Clinical Care, Emergency Systems, Prevention

Innovation Leader


To ensure that no patient will suffer harm from emergency care in British Columbia.

Current Activities

  • Iterative mapping of the resilience profile of an urban emergency department
  • Monthly inter-professional department meetings for dialogue and feedback
  • Development of a predictive analytics forecasting tool for emergency department operational demand
  • Planning for 6th Resilient Health Care Network meeting in Vancouver in August 2017

Short-Term Goals

  • Evaluate the adapted Resilience Analysis Grid© (Hollnagel, 2010) – a strategic framework to enhance system safety and resilient performance in risk critical industries – for emergency healthcare
  • Monitor and map the resilience profile of an urban emergency department over time
  • Collaborate with international and interdisciplinary researchers in Denmark, Sweden, UK and Brazil to evaluate the adapted Resilience Analysis Grid in other healthcare systems

Long-Term Goals

  • Create safety for emergency patients in BC by fostering the cornerstone potentials of system resilience:
    • Anticipate what might happen
    • Monitor what is happening
    • Respond to what is happening
    • Learn from what happens