Developing Best Practices for Mass Gathering Medicine

Clinical Care, Emergency Systems, Prevention

Innovation Leader


To promote and preserve health, safety and emergency services in the context of mass gatherings and major planned events.

Current Activities

The MGM team has ongoing collaborations with clinicians, planners, and researchers involved in mass gatherings and event medicine across Canada.

      Work in health promotion and harm reduction in the context of music festivals, and enhancing the ‘Chain of Survival’ by engaging multi-disciplinary stakeholders in safety, public health and emergency response.

  • Deriving a clinical monitoring vs. transfer to hospital support tool for clinicians managing mild to moderately intoxicated patients in the context of music events.
  • Developed and presented multiple workshops incorporating a Table-top Board Game for interactive learning in the context of various mass gatherings.
  • Ongoing engagement in operations and systems research related to the provision of medical care at complex sporting events.

Short-Term Goals

  • Expand the Canadian team developing inter-related data sets and contributing to the World Health Organization’s Minimum Data Set project on Mass Gatherings
  • Form collaborative relationships with harm reduction organizations and improve linkages between medical and ‘non-medical’ services in this context. Publish an integrated harm reduction and emergency response framework for music festival health
  • Data analysis of cases from 3-5, large-scale music festivals
  • Disseminate best practices in event medicine through creation of an educational program deliverable through online and/or face to face formats

Long-Term Goals

  • Developing international standards for data reporting and research support in mass gathering health
  • Create a mass gathering health registry hosted and accessible to international users/researchers
  • Host an internationally recognized introductory course in Mass Gathering and Event Medicine
  • Establish UBC as a recognized World Health Organization Collaborating Centre on Mass Gatherings and High Visibility Event