Clinical Resources: Implementing Point-of-Care Support Tools


Innovation Leader


To bring the best knowledge and skills to emergency medicine practitioners, leading to excellence in health outcomes of our patients and community members.

Current Activities

  • Continue to identify topics and leaders for each Point-of-Care Emergency Clinical Summaries (PECS); produce final drafts of each topic for placement on website with mechanisms for subsequent modification
  • Identify specific urban, rural and remote champions across BC to form a Users Group and engage user group to provide feedback on suite of online resources

Short-Term Goals

  • Encourage our provincial DEM members to participate in setting provincial priorities, documenting current KT activities, and co-creating the KT evaluation framework
  • Engage key partners and inter-professional colleagues in collaborating on this provincial KT effort

Long-Term Goals

  • Establish a provincial knowledge translation (KT) research and evaluation framework serving to clarify how the clinical, research, education, and health policy initiatives in the Department of Emergency Medicine in BC contribute synergistically towards effective knowledge exchange and translation in all parts of BC
  • Propelling the UBC EM Department and faculty as academic leaders in KT implementation and science, both nationally and internationally