Improving Survival in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Clinical Care, Emergency Systems

Innovation Leader


We aspire to bring British Columbia community survival rates to among those highest in the world.

Current Activities

  • Ongoing study to determine the effectiveness of ECPR for improving survival for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA)
  • Completion of the local BC OHCA database which is a registry of all OHCAs that occurred between December 2005 and April 2016 within BC metropolitan areas. This data was collected from several clinical trials and the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium Epistry registry. This data will be used to analyze trends among OHCAs in BC and estimate the effectiveness of treatments utilized.
  • In collaboration with BCEHS, implementation of monthly OHCA research rounds to foster regular collaboration and strength within our OHCA research group

Short-Term Goals

  • Share the knowledge of best resuscitation practices with the BC Ambulance Service and first responder agencies
  • Share knowledge and assist in implementation of best post resuscitation clinical care in all emergency departments and ICUs in BC
  • Collect province-wide data on outcomes and CPR process
  • Report publicly on resuscitation survival and the impact of this initiative
  • Engage in local and multicenter clinical trials in resuscitation

Long-Term Goals

  • Consistent provision of best care during out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and post-resuscitation care, which will lead to improvements in survival
  • Growth and recognition of a world class Resuscitation Research Centre
  • Transformational change in the paradigm of OHCA to include advanced circulatory support