Cardiovascular Emergencies

Clinical Care

Innovation Leader


We will ensure that all BC emergency departments provide efficient and safe disposition for chest pain patients with potential ischemic chest pain.

Current Activities

  • Initiated development of study to evaluate high-sensitivity troponin in chest pain management
  • Recruitment of partners in cardiology and laboratory medicine for hsTnT study
  • Initiated data collection for study of fractional flow reserve CT (FFR CT) in management of chest pain patients
  • Ongoing relationships with radiology and cardiology partners in FFR CT study

Short-Term Goals

  • Test implementation of a two-hour discharge rule for chest pain patients
  • Implement rapid diagnostic testing of chest pain patients at triage
  • Synthesize and implement a comprehensive clinical pathway for patients with chest pain that incorporates:
    • Triage-ordered testing
    • A validated two-hour rule-out clinical decision rule
    • A six-hour strategy with rapid out-patient stress tests
  • Find resources to follow patients in order to evaluate the strategy in St. Paul’s Hospital and in other settings in BC

Long-Term Goals

  • Integrate new and existing knowledge into a comprehensive framework for safe and efficient diagnosis and disposition of patients with potential ischemic chest pain presenting at all BC emergency departments (ED)
  • Quantitatively measure the decrease in ED and hospital resource use by implementing such a framework