HealthLink BC Emergency iDoctor-in-assistance (HEiDi)

HEiDi is a virtual physician support service for the HealthLink BC 8-1-1 nurses’ line.

8-1-1 is a free health information line for patients with non-emergency health inquiries. HEiDi physicians assist 8-1-1 nurses with the urgent health inquiries they receive and connect with patients to answer urgent health questions. The physicians offer high-quality, urgent care online or over the phone. HEiDi provide 8-1-1 support from 10am-10pm daily.


Patients who speak to HEiDi physicians can often safely avoid visiting the emergency department.

Most patients no longer need to seek care within 24 hours, and are managed safely at home.

We advise patients to call 8-1-1 for all non-emergency health questions. For all emergency inquires, patients should call 9-1-1.

The EM Network co-leads the clinical and administrative aspects of the HEiDi pathway, in collaboration with the HealthLink BC 8-1-1 line. Find out more about our role in BC RTVS.



“HEiDi opened my eyes to virtual health, and what it could do for communities and individuals.”

– 8-1-1 Nurse

Introduction to HEiDi

Dr. Kendall Ho, EM Network Real-Time Virtual Support Lead, introduces HEiDi. Find out how HEiDi relates to the HealthLink BC 8-1-1 line, and how it’s safely diverting COVID-19 related visits to the emergency department.


For more information, contact the Real-Time Virtual Support Team.

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