The BC Provincial ED Sepsis Dashboard Intro Webinar

BC Sepsis Network Webinar – The BC Provincial ED Sepsis Dashboard is Now Live!

October 07, 2020 | 1200 PT | Zoom

The need to collect site-specific and meaningful sepsis data to influence clinical outcomes and quality improvement during COVID-19 is more important than ever. The BC Provincial ED Sepsis Dashboard is now live throughout the province and provides clinical and administrative staff the ability to directly access real-time ED sepsis processes and clinical outcomes and use these indicators to inform quality improvement work. While COVID-19 requires all potentially septic patients to be isolated early, it is paramount that we ensure all septic patients, COVID-19 or otherwise, are receiving optimal care.

In this webinar, Dr Steve Ahkioon and Dr. David Sweet will guide us through the ins and outs of the ED-ICU sepsis dashboard; from how and what information is collected, to how you can apply findings towards improving clinical outcomes.

1. Understand what information is collected and presented on the Provincial ED Sepsis Dashboard.
2. Efficiently navigate the Provincial ED Sepsis Dashboard from your site.
3. How can the Provincial ED Sepsis Dashboard be utilized to improve care at your site.

Dr. Dave Sweet
Critical Care Medicine, Vancouver General Hospital
Clinical Lead for Sepsis, BC Patient Safety & Quality Council
Clinical Associate Professor, University of British Columbia

Dr. Steve Ahkioon, Ph.D., M.Eng.(Cantab), PMP
Critical Care Database Regional Advisor, Vancouver General Hospital