Recruitment and Retention of Physicians in Northern BC

Recruitment and Retention of Physicians in Northern BC
Virtual Summit Meeting

Please RSVP to Tanya Stella ( by October 1, 2020

Earlier this year, UBC’s Northern Medical program, Northern Health and RCCbc sponsored a project to review recruitment and retention of physicians in Northern BC and identify best practices from across the country. Dr. Tony Taylor met with a wide range of stakeholders (eg. Northern Health, School Districts, UBC faculty and students, UBC Faculty of Medicine leadership, UNBC faculty, students, community leaders, rural family physicians etc.) with the end goal of producing a document detailing the journey of high school students to practicing physicians and describing best practices that create an enabling environment for recruiting and retaining physicians in Northern BC and to rural, remote and indigenous communities.

We are now at the phase of the project where Dr. Taylor will be present his findings to the steering committee along with stakeholders in order to finalize his report. This will include a literature review and data from interviews of more than 60 stakeholders from multiple backgrounds as well as recommendations for the way forward, followed by facilitated discussions to invite input which will shape the final report. You are being invited to attend an all day summit meeting taking place on Friday October 16, 2020. This will be a virtual event and we hope to engage as many stakeholders as possible. We would be pleased for you to join us.
Paul Winwood, Regional Associate Dean, UBC, Northern BC
Ronald Chapman, VP Medicine Northern Health
Ray Markham, Executive Director RCCbc