Hands-On Ultrasound Education (HOUSE)

The Hands-On Ultrasound Education (HOUSE) program gives rural physicians the training and confidence to integrate point-of-care ultrasound into their practice. This customizable, traveling, hands-on ultrasound training program was developed to meet the unique needs of rural physicians. By providing education that is customized for each community, the program meets the needs of learners with a wide range of pre-existing skills. HOUSE delivers learning in a relaxed and fun environment with an instructor to student ratio of 1:2.Target audience: Rural physicians practicing emergency care, ER and hospital based practitioners, critical care practitioners, rural locums, obstetrical care providers and rural specialists.


  • Classic and new indications for point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS)
  • Skills to empower your practice and stay on the cutting edge
  • Applications to expedite diagnosis and treatment of urgent or life-threatening conditions
  • Entirely hands-on training modules for
    • Unstable patients, stable patient: heart, IVC/aorta, vascular access, extended fast, pneumothorax, rule out ectopic;
    • Stable patient: appendicitis, renal, gallbladder, procedures (IF, peripheral IV, thoracentesis, paracentesis), DVT, MSK (tendons, fractures), ocular.