Emergency Preparedness in Healthcare II (London, England)

The  Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians  and the Centre for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness are presenting a disaster preparedness conference October 11-17, in London, England.

On the agenda are:

•    A hospital-wide CBRN exercise,

•    Participation in a simulated mass casualty event,

•    Visiting facilities to learn how hospitals dramatically increased ICU surge capacity,

•    Joining the Helicopter EMS at their headquarters to review their dispatch process (they can launch within four minutes) and site response,

•    Visiting Wembley stadium (site of the Euro-cup riots) to review mass gatherings,

•    And more, including a rich social program that is open to spouses and partners.

The conference is very hands on including participation in exercises and visiting intensive care units to see their reorganization. If you are involved in health care disaster preparedness it is for you.

For more information, visit the conference website at CEEP-London2022.com. Any questions can be directed to dkollek@gmail.com