CPoCUS RESUSCITATION Independent Practitioner Certification Workshop

This intensive workshop will give participants the opportunity to obtain all of the required observed scans PLUS complete the three-part examination series towards RESUSCITATION Independent Practitioner certification with the Canadian Point of Care Ultrasound Society.

This certification includes:

Advanced Cardiac PoCUS  (parasternal long, parasternal short and apical 4 chamber) to detect left heart dysfunction, right heart strain, aortic dissection and pericardial effusion.

Advanced Lung PoCUS to detect CHF, pneumonia, PE, and lung contusion.

IVC PoCUS to detect volume overload and hypovolemia.

There will be well over 100 models to scan over this weekend, at least one ultrasound machine for every two participants and an even higher ratio of instructors.

Prerequisite: CPoCUS CORE IPs can attend without any supplemental training.
Those without CORE certification can obtain Resuscitation certification by completing supplemental training to achieve competency in sub-xiphoid cardiac, pneumothorax and pleural effusion scanning.

A CPoCUS approved advanced course (i.e. EDE 2, EGLS) is recommended but not required.

Eligible for 25 Royal College Section 3 OR 60 CCFP Cert+ credits.

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