CPoCUS Certification

April 18-20, 2020 – CPoCUS CORE Certification Workshop

This three-day learning experience will give you the chance to become truly competent to use point of care ultrasound (PoCUS) safely and independently. We will bring you together with an amazing group of PoCUS educators who will individualize your learning experience to make you the best scanner you can be!

We will show how to scan the heart for pericardial effusion and cardiac activity, find a AAA, scan for free abdominal fluid, rule in a first-trimester pregnancy and detect both pleural effusion and pneumothorax.

Earn 60 CCFP Cert+ or 24 RCPSC Section 3 Credits


May 23-25, 2020 – Advanced Certification Workshop

Take your PoCUS skills to the next level with either Resuscitation Certification or Diagnostic Certification.

Resuscitation Certification will teach you how to perform advanced cardiac, advanced lung and IVC scans. Use these new skills to rapidly diagnose and treat patients in cardiac arrest, patients who are in undifferentiated shock and any patient with chest pain or shortness of breath!

Diagnostic Certification will teach you how to scan the gallbladder for stones and cholecystitis, the renal system for hydronephrosis and urinary retention, rule in or rule out a DVT, and examine the eye for retinal detachment, vitreous detachment and vitreous hemorrhage.

Earn 60 CCFP Cert+ or 24 RCPSC Section 3 Credits


For more information please visit www.islandpocus.ca