Briefing, Debriefing & Facilitating Simulation

Framing the simulation – with thorough briefing and skilled debriefing – is absolutely critical for safe and effective simulation-based learning. The Briefing, Debriefing & Facilitating Simulation online course provides essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills in facilitation.

Topics include: 

  • Relevant pedagogical theory
  • Creating a safe learning climate
  • Briefing learners for success and optimal learning
  • Approaches and techniques for debriefing
  • Incorporating additional sources, such as videos and simulation participants

Online format: The program will be delivered as 4 modules, each lasting 1 week, with a 2-3 hour webinar each week. Additional self-directed reading and assignments must be completed between the webinars.

Methods: Live discussions with a simulation expert facilitator; assigned readings; case studies; peer-review and feedback; feedback and coaching from an expert simulationist.

Schedule: The first module opens on Nov 4; live webinars are on Wednesdays (Nov 4, 11, 18 & 25).