BC Rural Health Conference 2021


British Columbia Rural Health Conference
May 29-30, 2021

RCCbc and the RHC Planning Committee are pleased to present a dynamic and interactive virtual program that includes rurally-relevant plenaries and breakout sessions, plus options for small-group workshops. More than 25 clinical and practice-oriented topics will be covered, based on what YOU want to learn about!

Just some of the featured lecture topics include:

  • LIFEHACK-ER: Unique Bedside Tips and Tricks for ER and Primary Care
  • Hitting Chronic Pain Where It Hurts: New treatments against an old foe
  • Getting Practical about Practice Guidelines
  • Trauma Assessment in the Rural Setting
  • The Cold Hard Facts on Hypothermia
  • How to Triage and Manage Ocular Emergencies
  • Preparation for Adverse Patient Events using a CBT Approach
  • Basic & Advanced ECG Reviews
  • Making Your Workdays Easier: Using Pathways Tools
  • And MUCH more!

Skills Workshops:

  • Rural Airway Management in the Time of COVID
  • PICC Like a Pro
  • Basic Suturing Techniques

The program will also include dedicated open spaces and opportunities to virtually meet-up with colleagues over coffee. And keeping in line with the official virtual dress-code of comfy clothes, we’ll be sprinkling in plenty of movement and wellness breaks into the program, plus a fun, interactive, and family-friendly Saturday night Magic Extravaganza Show!

We truly look forward to having you join us in May.