Advanced Pediatric Life Support (APLS)

Learn to assess and manage critically ill children during the first hours in the emergency department. Participants are recommended to have previously completed at least one PALS or APLS Course successfully.

Learning objective:

  • Assess and manage critically-ill children during the first hours in the emergency department
  • Detect an imminently toxic child and institute treatment without delay

Skills Learned:

  • Assisted and mechanical ventilation
  • advanced airway
  • vascular access (intraosseous and central)
  • chemical/electrical cardioversion

Target audience: physicians who are routinely involved in the care of critically ill or injured children, including emergency room physicians, pediatricians, and senior emergency medicine and pediatric trainees.


APLS Course will be offered on Oct 29, 2021 at Surrey Memorial Hospital. Course Fee $800. Please contact UBC CPD for more information: