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Health Authority COVID-19 Therapeutic Update  (CTC/CTRAWG)
| Updated May-30-2023

COVID Testing Guidance and Treatment for Clinicians (Word/PDF)  |  Updated: Jan-25-2023



Click below for consolidated guidance from the BC CDC and the Health Authorities for emergency practitioners providing out-patient therapy for mild to moderate COVID-19 patients. Maximizing treatment for high-risk patients will reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, potentially easing emergency crowding.

Providing Out-Patient Therapy for Mild to Moderate COVID-19 Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department

*To access the latest version of the COVID-19 Therapy Guide, click the link above on your computer and press Ctrl+Shift+Delete (PC) or Command+Shift+R (MacOS) to refresh your browser.



See links below for information on caring for patients in hospital settings and patients with underlying health conditions. Links also contain treatment guidance and information about caring for vulnerable populations.

  Clinical Care Guidelines                                   |          Hospital and Critical Care Guidelines

  Vaccine Resources                                           |          Testing

  Infection Control and PPE                                |          Patient Handouts

  Health Care Provider Support                         |          Exposures and Return to Work

  Drug Treatment and Therapy Guidelines       |          Ethics

  General Health Care Provider Information

TESTING GUIDANCE  |  Updated: Feb -02 -2022

The following guides have been updated (Feb 02, 2022) to align with the new eligibility criteria for the treatment of people with mild to moderate COVID-19.

BC COVID-19 Viral Testing Guidance

Testing & Lab Guidance Documents                                  |          When to Get a COVID 19 Test

TREATMENT INFORMATION  |  Updated: Feb -02 -2022

New clinical practice guidelines and tools for the management of patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 infection have been added (Feb-02-2022). to the BC CDC Treatments page for health professionals.

  BC CDC Treatments Website. 

  Sotrovimab & Nirmatrelvir/Ritonavir Therapies          |          Nirmatrelvir/Ritonavir (Paxlovid) Clinical Practice Guide

      Practice Tools

  Practice Tool #1:  Step-by-Step Assessment          |          Practice Tool #2: Definitions of Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) 

  Practice Tool #3: Drug-Drug Interactions and Contraindications 

MED DISTRIBUTION  |  Updated: Feb -02 -2022

Sotrovimab is distributed by health authorities.
Paxlovid is limited to prescribers due to short supply.
CAT-e line (COVID Antiviral Therapeutics e-team) delayed launch (looking at Feb 14).
BCCA patients should go via BCCA to start (new system).

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